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Carpet - your indoor texture comfort

Carpet products still lead in sales over the many other flooring options out there today, and for good reason. Carpet is budget-friendly, comfortable, warm, and serves as a great sound barrier. There are many different color and texture options, making it easy to fit this flooring into any room of the home.

Carpet floors for every room

There are many different styles available to fit any room, from high-trafficked entryways to kids’ bedrooms. Loop pile carpet is best for those heavily used spaces. It is made up of densely packed loops, making it durable and easy to clean. Textured carpets, like a frieze, are also great for high-traffic rooms due to its length, twisted fibers that hide dirt and footprints.

Saxony cut carpet is made with softer fibers that stand up straight, creating a plush, even surface. This style compliments a formal space nicely and can be used in rooms that aren’t as heavily used. Textured Saxony is perfect for bedrooms due to its plush feel. Because the fibers are twisted in different directions, textured Saxony holds up better to vacuum tracks and footprints than traditional Saxony.

Picking the right carpet fiber

Most carpeting is made from synthetic materials due to longevity and durability. Nylon is the most popular of the synthetics. It is very durable and holds up to stains, mildew, and color fading. Polyester is not as durable as nylon but is known for its wide variety of vibrant colors, stain resistance, and non-allergenic properties. Olefin is fantastic for any area prone to mildew or moisture because it won’t absorb water. However, it is not as resilient as the other fiber options and is best paired with a loop pile carpet flooring that is more crush resistant. Olefin will always hold vibrant colors and is quite easy to clean.

Carpet padding for your floors

It’s what truly makes carpet floors so comfy. Carpet padding varies from thick to thin and can come with moisture barriers. It is important to pair the correct padding to the different styles of carpet. Carpet flooring can be damaged if the padding is too thick or too thin. Your Inserra’s Flooring Outlet specialist can help you properly match the correct padding to your chosen carpet style.

Here at Inserra’s Flooring Outlet, we pride ourselves in quality customer service. We are a premier carpet store located in Marcy, NY. We service Marcy, NY, Utica, NY, Rome, NY, Frankfort, NY, Whitesboro, NY, and New Hartford, NY. Visit our showroom to get your hands on some of todays leading carpet styles and brands. Don’t forget to ask us about your free estimate.