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Hardwood flooring is built for a lifetime

Wood flooring is the first choice for many homeowners because of its versatility and limitless design options. They are easy to clean and optimal for those with allergies and rare tough, hard-wearing, lasting a lifetime. Whether you desire a warm, rustic space or something more straight-lined and industrial, hardwood flooring can accomplish it all.

Finding the perfect hardwood

Before choosing what kind you want in your home, you need to know what lies beneath your floors. Concrete slabs require floors to either be glued down or can house floating floors. If you have a concrete slab, engineered wood flooring is the best option.

A wood subfloor is similar to the barebones structure of your walls and acts as a platform for your flooring. If your home is raised off the ground, is over a basement, or has a second story, it has a wood subfloor. Both solid and engineered flooring can be installed on this type of subfloor.

Solid hardwood floors

Solid woods are the best choice for homeowners wanting their floors to withstand the sands of time. This type of floor is hardy –if damaged, it can be resanded and refinished multiple times. Solids can come in every type of wood imaginable, from oak to mahogany, pine to bamboo. The options are limitless. Because these floors are solid planks of wood, they expand and contract as the seasons come and go. This is the normal life of a hardwood floor. However, you do want to dry up water and spills promptly to avoid buckling and further damage.

Solid hardwood flooring is nailed down and can come pre-finished or unfinished. Pre-finished wood is completed in a factory and is delivered as-is. Unfinished flooring is fully custom and completed in the home, giving you exactly what you want and need for your floors.

Engineered hardwood

Engineered hardwood floors are made up of multiple layers of wood pieces laminated together, similar to plywood, with a thin top layer of real wood veneer. This type of flooring withstands expansion and contraction better than solid hardwood and can be nailed, glued, or floated. Engineered flooring comes pre-finished in many different styles and protective coatings for durability. Unlike solid wood floors, this type of flooring cannot withstand sanding and finishing throughout its lifetime. Depending on the thickness of the engineered flooring you choose, it may be able to be sanded down once or twice. Be sure to pick a durable wood and finish if you have pets.

Your Central New York hardwood flooring experts

There is certainly a lot to consider when selecting the best wood floor to last your home’s lifetime. Inserra’s Flooring Outlet is a high-quality hardwood flooring retailer who can help even the most novice floor buyer from start to finish. Come by our showroom located in Marcy, NY to take a look at all of the wood flooring options available to you. We service Marcy, NY, Utica, NY, Rome, NY, Frankfort, NY, Whitesboro, NY, New Hartford, NY, and all of Central New York and offer free estimates. Give us a call or visit our website to find out more today.