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Laminate flooring - a budget-friendly, durable home solution

These floors have come a long way over the years and are an excellent cost-effective flooring for your home. Easy to install, stain-resistant, and fully customizable, they can fit every need and every style. If you live in an active home, but don’t want to compromise on style, laminate floors are perfect for you.

What makes laminate flooring affordable?

They are a wood or stone lookalike created by a photographic process on the top layer of each piece. Designed in planks and tiles, they are composed of a fiberboard core with a bottom papered layer that acts as a moisture barrier. A wear layer is applied to the photographic top layer which not only gives the flooring its finish but also gives it the durability everyone needs. Made with plastic materials less expensive than wood and stone materials, these floors are also easy to install. There is no need to remove the previous flooring, excluding carpet, because they snap together as a “floating floor”. You don’t have to sacrifice durability and style for an affordable product.

Durable laminate flooring

This flooring is rated in terms of Abrasion Class. These AC ratings rate from 1-5 and let you know what kind of foot traffic the floor can hold up to. Less visited residential spaces are rated as AC1, where commercial spaces rate at AC5. While it is less expensive to go with a lower-rated flooring, you sacrifice durability and longevity. Made up of aluminum oxide, and sometimes melamine, the wear layer is strong and can handle the heaviest abuse at the highest AC rating. Keep in mind, however, that the thickest wear layer tends to give the design a cloudier appearance.

As resilient as these floors are, it is not suitable for areas prone to moisture. Discuss with your laminate floor retailer about what options are available for spaces like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements. Some manufactures offer a water resistance product, but if a spill occurs it needs to be cleaned up with 72 hours.

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Laminate is no longer a flooring of the past. With its infinite design options and withstanding longevity, it is an excellent fit for even your most-used spaces. Check out the showroom at Inserra’s Flooring Outlet in Marcy, NY, we are your laminate flooring retailer. Come see some of the latest and most popular options available today. We pride ourselves in customer service and top-notch flooring products and service the surrounding areas of Marcy, NY, Utica, NY, Rome, NY, Frankfort, NY, Whitesboro, NY, and New Hartford, NY. Give us a call or visit our website to schedule a free estimate with one of our experienced service professionals today.